WW2 weapons in Ukraine?

I understand the Ukrainians have recently been pulling old weapons from storage, such as Mosin Nagant rifles, and maxim guns.

It be interesting to almost do a biography of some of the ubiquitious weapons of WW2 like the Mosin Nagant to see what life they had after the war.

This weapons are pre WW I weapons, still in use in WW II but ubiquitious? I do not know.

There have been several good youtube profiles on this.

  1. The Soviet Union never threw anything away, they just stored it. Ukraine threw open those aresenals.

  2. The Maxim offers a sustained rate of fire and mechanical simpicity that isnt equalled today. Its nexessity for water cooling can be overcome with motor transports, atv’s or local supply volunteers.

  3. Many of these weapons are “good enough” for local defence units or urban combat ranges. A Ppsh-43 is great when you dont need range, I can see the ukrainians putting it back into production because it’s so simple to manufacture.

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