WW2 site in Alaska


During my summer vacation I had the oppurtunity to visit Fort Abecrombie WW2 museum on Kodiak Island. Kodiak was a busy place during the war, it was the last settlement of any size with airfield and harbor facilities on the way to the Aluetians. They had substantial intellegence and signal operations there. The museum itself is really good, with a whole room set up as a ww2 radio room as you would have seen in the area. Also there are quite a few gun mounts there with real guns, not necessarily from the location.

This today is absolutley beautiful and a great place to spot wildlife, When I was there I spotted a pod of orca right off the point… The area is known fot its most famous resident the Kodiak Brown Bear.

Entrance to the museum and picture of my daughter


Orca sighted off the coast


Aww, your daughter looks adorable.

Thank you for sharing information about this place. I want to go there someday.
The Alaskan Front seemed well-off when compared to the other theaters of the war.


If you don’t include the cold


Eh. The Eastern Front and Belgium were worse.


If we include a 193 kph (120 mph/ three on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale) and the lacking equipment of the US troops during the battle of Attu. I think the troops would disagree, but I agree that everywhere where there was a “winterwar” the people there would say that. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/75-years-later-forgotten-wwii-battle-haunts-soldiers/2018/05/27/a846c542-61c2-11e8-81ca-bb14593acaa6_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.169b27e8af81


It’s a wonderful museum they have there. Remember even today Kodiak is remote and isolated, and it’s modern when you compare it to Dutch Harbor the last stop on the way to Adak. Kodiak was the intellegence and control point for the Aleutian front.


Just that Adak happens to 750 kilometers from Kodiak and that’s a small town. There wan’t even a road to Alaska at that time, and the railroad did not connect to any other in North America.


Thats really cool. I think this will become a great community of history nerds!