WW2 Map of North America

I noticed on the map of North America used in the videos there is a huge plane over Canada, and also I noticed that it shows Newfoundland as being part of Canada, which was not the case until 1949. TimeGhost replied that this was the map used by the US Navy during WW2, so I should ask them. I replied that I’ll have to settle for asking The TimeGhost Navy, so here I am. Why do you think this map features a plane over Canada, while also showing Newfoundland as part of Canada? I have heard conspiracy theories about various people promoting Newfoundland’s joining of Canada in 1949, especially theories concerning Britain’s war debt, but I don’t put too much stock into them.

Anything in the Commonwesth was coloured Red on maps; the US Navy didn’t overly care about constitutional niceties such as the Statute of Westminster. Both Canada and Australia are thus Red.

There are a number of good folowups to WW2 after 1945 the Newfoubfland Question is one of them and petfect for this channel.


Thanks for the info!

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Remember Canada was still a commonwealth colony of The British Commonwealth at the time and many maps of the period showed Newfoundland the same colour as the rest of Canada as it was still under British rule.