WW2 033 preview delayed


Hey all! We have a very exciting (and long expected) episode for you, but I can’t upload it just yet. See, thanks to you and many people who donated their money to us, we made it to France to film at the sites where the(spoilers) Invasion of France took place. Sadly, the hotel we’re staying in has a VERY bad internet connection and uploading WW2 033 takes for ever. I hope to bring it to you tomorrow as soon as possible. I hope you will understand.

That being said, we have seen some very interesting stuff here and we will have some very good specials coming up later this spring. And there’s still much more we’re going to see while we’re here. Stay tuned, since we will drop a little behind the scenes video somewhere this week as well.

Cheers, Joram




Could this be the work of enemy agents? Perhaps if we had convoy escorts guarding the bandwidth, the upload would have gotten through.


More like sabotage for the sake of it aka trol-- wait, scratch that. Too recent.