Wrist check on the hosts?

I may be a horrible person for asking about this on such a serious video, but it is the clearest shot of it so far…

What watch is Sparty wearing in the Lithuanian Holocaust video? It looks like a Flieger Type B-style piece from a distance.

I haven’t seen Indy or Anna wear a watch but let me know if they have! I am increasingly becoming a watch guy and just can’t help myself. :sweat_smile: Thanks.

I got a closer look at @Spartacus’s wrist in the 500k subs announcement (congrats by the way), and it’s definitely a Type B Flieger. It’s also automatic/mechanical (judging from the stutter-like motion), and I am going to guess 28,800 bph or above, but can’t be sure.

No name on the dial, which is common for flieger (indeed the only style of watch this is common for). It’s worn on a ‘pilot strap’ per the visible rivets.

If Sparty or the crew can add more information I would be most grateful.