World War 2 Battlefield Medicine

Hello, W.F. Cain here, with my first question for OOtF

Earlier on Patreon I posted a question about sulfa drugs. I have since learned that this is the preferred location for asking questions for Out of the Foxholes, so I am moving it here just to get it in the right place.

My question is thus:
Could you do a brief overview of the role Sulfa drugs played in battlefield medicine in WW2? Were they in widespread use, or were they primarily used by the US? I’ve heard they were the first commonly available antibiotic, but also have some nasty side effects such as crystalization in the kidneys.

Again, this is essentially just a repeat of my Patreon question, but moved here to be in the right place. Thank you so much.


Did any Americans serving on the Eastern Front? I found two, both with some pretty crazy stories and multiple near death expereinces. I would love to see bio episdes on them!

Joseph Beyrle
M.J. Nichoals Burlak

I do know American reporters who did their work reporting on the Eastern Front, but the closest I could think of regarding Americans in the Soviet Army was Joe Beyrle.