Women in warfare


So, I haven’t found similar topic, only about women in resistance in WW2, but I intend this topic to be more general however the story that gave the idea is from WW2. It is the story of Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the Russian woman who had a tank built on her own cost after losing her husband, named the tank Fighting Girlfriend and went to kill some nazis.
Here’s a description of her story, it’s somewhat subjective, but might be a good start: https://museumhack.com/the-fighting-girlfriend/

So, if you know about such stories about individuals or groups of women who took part in actual fighting in any war, they’re welcome.


As important as the contributions of women around the world in this world at war was, whenever I read about the role of women in World War II, my mind always flashes back to the story of Aleda Lutz (one of the most decorated women in the U.S. military). Sadly, she was killed in action.


What I know - mostly thanks to the Sabaton Song “Night Witches” - was the 588th Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Union consisting solely of female military aviators.

As their name suggests they flew only night sorties, starting in 1942.


Ah, yes, I learnt about the Night Witches from Sabaton too. :smiley: (One of my favourites from Heroes album. :wink:) They were real badasses.


Who also comes to my mind now is Maria Bochkareva, leader of Women’s Battalion of Death in WW1. I learnt about her from Indy on Great war channel.


While looking for “Night Witches” on badassoftheweek.com I stumbled upon Anna Yegorova:


She wasn’t part of the Night Witches, but of the 805th Ground Attack Regiment, leading men into combat.

Anyway I’m stuck now with “From the depths of hell…” :smile:


Wow, Yegorova was made of iron, I really love her story about dedication and will to live.


Women did more than fly biplanes, when I was in Monino the Air Museum near Moscow the Russian guide pointed out to me that in the West only the Night Witches are know. However men flew the biplanes too and women also flew bombers as well as fighers. I have been looking for more info and the guide (who started his career on a Russian copy of the B-29 and he was right). PS Monino is a great place to visit!