Women balk at Nazi draft for war jobs (3-20-43)

The Pittsburgh Press (March 20, 1943)

Women balk at Nazi draft for war jobs

40% in 3 cities fail to answer call for workers
By the United Press

A German underground radio station said today that 40-70% of German women called up for war industry were refusing to report to mobilization authorities.

In Duisburg, Essen and Hamburg, three of Germany’s principal industrial centers, the broadcast said, 40% of the women failed to answer.

Evasion of the work decree was said to be facilitated by the fact that hundreds of thousands of women in cities bombed by the Royal Air Force have no permanent address.

Groups of women staged demonstrations in Kiel and Dresden, the broadcast reported.

Speaking in Dortmund, German Commissioner General for Employment Fritz Sauckel admitted that Adolf Hitler hesitated for a long time before ordering the conscription of women for German factories, a DNB Agency dispatch broadcast by Radio Berlin said.

Sauckel said:

But the German women must never forget that they are doing this for their children and for their Führer.

A German uderground radio station with the capacity to get such information is a fantasy. OTH 30% to 60% of all women into war industy is not a low number.


…unless it’s a spy from within… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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I have checked Dortmunds newspaper:

Mobilsation of women:

The Sauckel event:



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After reading the German Propaganda:
Sauckel demanded the German women to produce amunition, because it is for their children. But the German women and Mädel (girls) were for some time part of the war effort. Sauckels claims about the “Fremdarbeiter” are much more disgusting.


I think it is an American newspaper telling a story.


Which they do. Not the first time an American newspaper would do something like that, even in this war…

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In the war we are in, today German newspapers are not worse then American newspapers. Better? This is at least closer home for them.