With D-Day approaching, do you think you could make an episode about Japanese amphibious tactics?

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That question might have been asked a few times already, but we’ve mainly seen the side of the US amphibious tactics on the pacific with very little information about Japan (or maybe I missed it?). But in any case, a special about Japanese amphibious tactics would be an interesting point to compare with what the allies will do next!

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I can’t speak for the TimeGhost folks, except to notice that the D-Day anniversary was last month.

The Japanese had “Special Naval Landing Forces”, which were expected to perform landings. They could be a form of ‘pathfinders’, or land and take if the defenses were weak. The SNLF’s were IJN units, not Army.

Their landings were done with light craft - barges and launches, and the like - the Japanese didn’t have “landing craft” per se. I’d look up SNLF’s on the web. This might be a good place for you to start:

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Just reading the book “Midway - the incredible Victory” by Walter Lord. He mentioned that IJN didn’t have landing crafts themselves, but the Army had some, which IJN had to ask to borrow for the planned Midway landings. read more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daihatsu-class_landing_craft

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Thanks! That part about Higgins stealing the idea for his own designs was quite interesting!