Willkie predicts sea, air clashes with Nazis (10-21-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 21, 1941)

Willkie predicts sea, air clashes with Nazis

Wendell Willkie (colorized, R-NY)

Washington, Oct. 21 (UP) –
Wendell L. Willkie sees the possibility of:

…some naval and perhaps aeronautical engagements between the U.S. and Germany before long.

He made that statement in an article in the new issue of Look Magazine appearing on newsstands today. It was written prior to the torpedoing of the U.S. destroyer Kearny.

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What about an aeronautical engagement between the U.S. and Japan? :wink:

Also, love the Willkie photo!

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They’re expecting the Philippines to be the site for that kind of attack. Even so, representatives from both nations are still in negotiations as we speak.

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