Will there be much discussion about the bugging of German generals who were pow's?


I was curious if there would be much discussion about the intelligence pulled from bugging German POWs in Britian. From the little bit I have read/seen, it helped the British to figure out X-guides (system for guiding German bombers) and even verified the location of V2 development.

I have only seen this mentioned in one pbs documentary called Bugging Hitlers soldiers and am really hoping to learn a little more about the subject. Thanks for such a excellent educational source. Look forward to the program each week.


I didn’t know about this, but I’d be glad to discuss it with you. It’s really interesting:


Thank you for sharing the link. I truthfully don’t know much more than the article stated myself. I am going to check out the book mentioned in the link.
Just found the whole idea of bugging a whole mansion almost 80 years ago so interesting. So different from today where we just accept that there’s a device always listening to us.