Will the Kriegsmarine Rule the Waves? - WW2 - 013 24 November 1939


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Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailLink The European Allies seek a countermeasure to the mysterious German mines, in China the Japanese advance, and in Poland it is the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto. Written and Hosted by: Indy Neidell Produced and Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard Executive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus…


I spotted a typo in the name of CF Gauss at 2:58. It’s spelled Friedri1ch.


Indy has significantly upped his tie game in this episode.


When talking about Gneisenau we see a photo from the ship above. It looks more like a Deutschland class Panzerschiff as I can only count two triple main battery turrets (Gneisenau had a main battery of three triples) and the silhouette also more akin to the Deutschland. But I might be wrong there. Anyone having better eyes (and screen, was watching in phone at work and can’t watch on my PC until tonight)


Fully possible - at this point that kind of detail would be beyond our scope - if the archive says Gneisenau we have to trust it - we try to double check anything we are ourselves familiar with, but we don’t have the time to learn new skills or start a major research effort to control the tags at that level. Nor does our workflow allow time to field it to experts yet. We’re in the process of setting up another way of dealing with the archive footage and images that would give you all the chance to participate and also help us control these things. Thank you for your understanding.


Yeah that weirded me - somehow one of us (me or my assistant) must have touched the keyboard after the spell check, 'cause that’s one typo that not even this dyslexic eye would miss. Due to it not being confusing I have decided to not re-upload despite that.


The guy was just 1337 like that, have you seen his rifles? XD


No worries Spartacus, of course I don’t expect you guys to know every man-made object used in the war by heart and if the caption in the archives says something of course you assume it’s correct. I hope you don’t take this posts (and spotting typo’s) as criticism. You and your team are delivering excellent work. I’m just pointing out things I think I might be in error. Whether or not you can or will correct them is of course up to you.

I’m not entirely sure myself, it’s hard telling from the YouTube still. I’m by no means an expert on anything related to this, but the big gun ships hold a special place in my heart after seeing a documentary on battleships as a kid. The story of the Admiral Graf Spee was one of the story pieces so that ship featured prominently and I thought I recognised her when I was watching the video this morning at work (work was boring :wink: ). Maybe someone with more knowledge can satisfy my curiosity about the ship seen in the episode.


Absolutely no offence taken - to the contrary we appreciate it - my replies are to be understood as acknowledgment of your feedback. Despite that we can’t always do something about it we will always try to improve and move as close as possible to being error free. You pointing us in the right direction is an essential part of that process.


Out of curiosity, are you guys working on the lighting for the episodes? What sort of rig are you using at the moment?

I really liked the warm lighting feel that the Great War series had. Probably a combination of the lighting rig and post production. The WW2 videos seem a little ‘cold’ white.


Perhaps modernization?


Look out for this ship: Admiral Graf Spee



Most people prefer a warm white to YouTube videos. The present lighting really looks like a kitchen with a fluorescent light bulb from the 1980s.


LOL. But thank you.

It’s just that I take the colors from the old photos of Defense.gov from 1996-2001. Also, I tried to create a morning look.


Norman, was talking about the YouTube video itself. They seem to use a different white balance on this series compared to the great war which is a much warmer white.


I don’t remember seeing my photo in the video.


Nothing to do with your photo. Was replying to the main topic.

Sorry for the confusion


We started with a very warm feeling and got complaints for that - then we went to this - my conclusion is that we need to make up our firm mind and stick with it as we will never hit the taste of everyone. Personally I prefer a warm white as well.


It’s all right. I’m not childish enough to hold grudges. If I ever had a complaint, it was communication (that was solved)


We also had some camera problems so that the next eight episodes will never be quite perfect (the shutter settings were resetting automatically due to an automatic setting we overlooked and therefore we have compression issues that makes it hard to colour correct without getting artefacts). This is now resolved and we will have a better and more editable base quality in the new year.