Why were the Nazis able to build a more effective cult of personality around Hitler than the Italian Fascists around Mussolini?

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It seems that the cult of personality built around Hitler was much more effective than what was attempted with Mussolini in Italy, despite Mussolini being in power almost a decade before the Nazis. Is this actually the case, and if so why were the Nazis more effective in deifying their leader?


I am not sure, possibly also because the German “obrigkeitshorigkeits” kultur of the time ( roughly translated follow the orders, law etcetera) has never been a typically Italian thing. (Which I kind of like). Also Italy fought in World War 1 on the Entente side and the average Italian wasn’t too happy to be sucked in a war playing the “second fiddle”. Sadly the Italians would suffer after 1943 for perceived “treason” as they chose not to follow the fuhrer untill into the streets of Berlin.

I really can’t imagine every Italian yelling Heil Duce.