Why no new WW2 video for 3/7/19


I was extremely disappointed to see no new WW2 upload for 3/7/19, what happened?


I think you mean between 2 wars (B2W)

I assume they couldn’t finish it in time while working on war against humanity.


but as a TGA WW@ member, im supposed to have access early every THURSDAY, would like an answer from Joram or sparty, even indy, as i think they would know the exact reason.


Its probably just a technical issue, I’m sure there will be an update soon.


hi all,

the most current ww2 video is still not available on the TGA website, however, i was able to view on youtube yesterday (Saturday), and as of now it is still not available on this website. What is the issue?



Hey @seanpoltzer thanks for your concerns. As of last week, I’m unable to enter the part of the TimeGhost Website that is required to publish there… It’s a technical issue with the website that we’re still looking to fix. This has a very high priority for us as we know that many people view the preview versions of WW2 videos here. We’re working on it! I’ll get back with a post here when it’s fixed.



i think it’s great that you are hands on w/ the TGA members, especially your timely responses to the couple of minor issues ive had myself. i mean really A+ customer service on top of everything else you do i.e. WW2 DBD, etc… kutgw joram… Quick question, when Patreon members are mentioned at the end of episodes, what is the criteria you guys use to choose Pat. member of week? is it based on who donated the most $ that week, or members picked at random? thanks



Hey @seanpoltzer! Thanks, we certainly try our best!

This is completely randomized!