Why is timeghoast site in tuvalu?

I wounder why it is tv as in tuvalu?


Technically you are correct, however I am sure that TimeGhost uses .tv as if it means television which many other sites also do.


Small countries throughout the world use their special abbreviations as a means to generate money for their local budgets. TV of course is for Tuvalu - it also stands for television, so it makes sense to have TimeGhost.TV

A widely used abbreviation is TK and that actually is the domain name for Tokelau Island, a small area in the Pacfici Ocean which belongs to New Zealand.


Sounds like a fun place for a TG meetup in an adventurous location. Like Kiribati (Tarawa/Makin) where I was in 2013 it is in the middle of nowhere. A colleague of mine never heard of the place and googled it. He had to zoom out 4 times on google maps before any other places showed up. Tarawa had 1 Internet cafe, a few crummy hotels/fales but fantastic diving spots and public transport in the form of jump on the back of a truck,

I love :two_hearts: those places. November 2023 is the big commemoration.

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