Why is it different bombing Japan compared to Germany?

I was listening to one of Sparta’s episodes. I was understanding that Sparta was saying the Allies the ordinary people were horrified by bombing Dresden and other German cities. Why was it acceptable to bomb Japan as we did?

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Do you mean in Sparty’s WAH now or the news of the period?

Was there similar coverage of the fire bombing at the time?

Both I guess? I’ve been busy with work and wasn’t able to find much about the time period specifically about the attitudes towards the bombings of Germany and Japan other than the nuclear aspect of Japan bombing.

Taken from the pages of an American news paper of the time the headline read
“Japs are Savages”

That pretty well sums up the American sentiment of the time. Even now in today you still find Americans who hate the Japanese because of Pearl Harbour and the Bataan death March. So when it came to the carpet and fire bombing of Japanese cities you would be hard pressed to find any American who felt sympathetic towards the Japanese due to prevailing feelings of the time.