Why didn't the French colonies declare independence after the fall of france?

After france falls, Petain asks all of the colonies to declare their loyalty to Vichy France. Why didn’t some colonies declare their independence from france as neither Vichy France or Free France were in a position to intervene?

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Morrocco had to take in to account possible Spanish expansionist ambitions. Franco would have loved to expand the Spanish zone of Morrocco.
An independent Tunesia would have been prey for Mussolini.
If Vichy France was anable to crush anti-colonial revolts, they might have made a deal with Franco and Mussolini to get their assistence in exchange for a part of those French colonies.


Who would have declared independence in the French colonies until organized Free-French governments formed in them?


Didn’t the french set up uh… puppets to govern the colonies? Couldn’t the colonies simply say we no longer view ourselves as part of the French empire and declare independence in view of the axis Threat?

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