Why didn't the Allies declare war on the USSR when they invaded Poland like how they did with the Germans?

as Great Britain & France declared war on Germany when the Germans invaded Poland, why didn’t they declare war on The USSR? they invaded Poland as well almost in the time.


Well, long story short. Germany and USSR hated each other. The Molotov Ribbentrop pact was basically you don’t get in our way, we don’t get in your way, take these countries and hey, wanna trade? So USSR got awesome technology and Germany got materials.

So when Poland fell, there was no buffer state between the two and the allies knew one would break the pact and set out to destroy the other. (Spoilers! Germany breaks it first). Also the Allies were wary of the industrial potential of the USSR and the vast amount of resources and manpower it had.

So what do you think happens when they declare war on Germany? USSR and Germany will work together and then the Allies are basically screwed.


The last line is a bit of a mess. I meant So what do you think happens when they declare war on USSR?


Formally Germany signed the Versailles treaty which included the reinstatement of Poland :poland: which as a nation was destroyed by Among others Prussia. Also see Wilson’s 14 point plan. The Soviets were no a party to that treaty.

Apart from freeing the Poles from Prussian German terror it created a buffer state and an threat on the East of Germany like Russia :ru: in 1914.

The Germans attacked Poland before the Soviets and the Molotov agreement made effective intervention even more impossible.

Also strategically the Allies knew Hitler and Stalin were no friends so it was better to not give them further reasons to partner.

Fast forwarding we see that Poland is back and its arch enemy Prussia formally disappeared in 1947 as part of the denazification, Prussia was seen as particularly evil ( only a handful of people want the Hohenzollerns/Prussians to return).


Wait, how does Prussia fit into this picture? And how is Prussia evil? People, generally say where other nations had a military, Prussian Military had a state.


Well rightfully or not

Good question, Prussia made Poland disappear(helped greatly) and rightly or wrongly they were seen as particularly nasty. The word Prussian kraut is not a compliment and a lot op people blamed the Prussian Kaiser for a lot of the mess. Interestingly A lot of other Bundeslanderpeople might have blamed Prussia to look better themselves.

By the way I am not implying that every Prussian is or was evil just that in those days it was seen as the heart of evil militarism and that might come back as a boomerang in a few years.


Ok, My WW1 knowledge isn’t that strong but wasn’t Poland divided between Russian, Austria-Hungary And Germany. So… how is Prussia hated then? All the three should be hated equally.

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