Why did portugal refuse to declare war on Japan?

When the Japanese occupied Dutch Timor, they also violated the neutrality of Portuguese Timor by invading it. So why didn’t Portugal declare war on Japan? Is it because of the carnage they had seen in the Great War and refused to be a part of another carnage?


The neutrality of Portugese East Timor was violated first by the Netherlands and Australia, because they invaded Portugese East Timor on 17 December 1941, who landed in Portugese East Timor to prevent Japan from landing in Portugese East Timor, because Portugese force in Timor were too weak to prevent that. Portugal reached an agreement with Australia and the Netherlands that their forces would withdraw as soon as additional Portugese forces arrived from Mozambique. Unfortunately those Portugese forces came too late and had not yet arrived when Japanese forces landed on Timor om 19 and 20 February 1942.


Oh… so the japanese violated the neutrality because Portugese Timor consisted of ANZAC troops? Also is that also why they did not invade Macau?

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