Why did Italy/Germany not make Malta a primary objective once Italy entered the war, instead of letting it be a thorn in their side for the whole of WW2?

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As far as I remember, italy did want to take Malta but Germany left them to do it for themselves as they had their hands full with the invasion of the soviet union (and they had to come save italy’s bacon everytime). Plus the Kreigsmarine and the italian navy were no match for the brits.

They did to get Malta to forcefully surrender by bombing the heck out of them though it failed.

Also also it probably didn’t help that Mussolini tried to attack many places at once with out securing his goals (such as not linking up his italian colonies to secure oil reserves and attacking greece at the same time).


Also, (and correct me if i am wrong)

I think the German tough it was more pressing to reinforce Rommel in Africa. For propaganda purpose (as he was was victorious at the time) , to cut British empire at the Suez canal and to reach the oil in the middle east.

I also think the costly invasion of Crete must have influence the German to not attack a fortified island.

Finally, i think the importance of Malta, for the supply of the African campaign only came later into the war, as it was reinforce by the British. (Maybe an historian can help us with that question ? )

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