Why are the participant of the july coup often whitewashed?

Hello, it’s something I’ve noticed when people talk about the coup, rommel is a good example of that and his participation is a good part of the rommel myth since wehraboo who believe in the apolitical rommel/anti nazi rommel myth will use that as an argument. Often, it also seems that because they participated in the july plot,some forget what the person did before that (or ignore the bad stuff to fous solely on the plot).
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I think the cold war and the re-arming of Germany mostly is why.

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It’s basically: Yeah, Darth Vader did all that bad stuff before, but Vader was really badass and threw the Emperor to his death to save Luke so that makes it okay!

I think many see Germany army officers trying to assassinate Hitler and arrest the Gestapo and take it at face value. They aren’t aware of, and don’t consider, what those officers might have done prior to the conspiracy.