Where there any Gulag's with both Nazis and Japanese POWs

Where there any Russian Gulag’s that housed German and Japanese POWs together? If so is there a record of how they got on?


Near as I can tell, no. BTW, the "Gulag"s were actually for ‘internal prisoners’, that is, Soviet citizens. There were special camps for POWs. Both types of camp were theoretically “labor camps”.

From what I’ve been able to find out, the Japanese were kept in Siberia and Mongolia, and employed upgrading existing Soviet projects (e.g. railroads) that had been interrupted by the war; German prisoners were employed in the western part of the USSR - repairing war-damage (“you broke it, you fix it.”)

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Here is some data on German POW camps:

1 13 percent were in Siberia (I know Siberia is huge but it is seen by East Russia by almost everyone).
2 There were German POW camps for POW Camps
3 AND German POW Gulags for convicted war criminals, so the Germans who were convicted for war crimes were sent into worse “Gulags”

I don’t have data on Japanse POW camps (someone who speaks some Japanese looking for a dissertation?)

Also as the Russo-Japanese war started (again) in August 1945 there is a time differences. It doesn’t seem to make much sense in mixing the 2 at first glance.


On the Japanese side:

There is a HUGE Demobilization report which encompasses the gargantuan efforts the Allies had to undertake to ship the survivors to places which were home or getting “kicked out:” of their homes. E.g. the Japanese being forced out of Korea etc.

If you scroll to page 188 there is information on Soviet indoctrination and later repatriation of Japanese prisoners. Note: This is a US document and apparently some Japanese are kept there. It however looks very much that the Soviets had separate camps.

Anyway I found this document very interesting the massive repatriations (and other postwar activities) are not covered very much.

By the way great question :slight_smile:

Chapter 6: Overseas Repatriation Movements (army.mil)

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Wow! Very interesting document indeed! Thanks!

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You’re right! (I had to dig down to find a map of what you found - next time, provide a url :slight_smile:

I didn’t find the reason for the Siberian German camps, though – were they for those judged war criminals? I remember reading about Erich Hartmann being convicted of war crimes because they claimed the bullets from his fighter - shooting at Russian aircraft - hit people on the ground. How they knew this was… unaddressed…

Anyway, thanks for setting me straight!

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Thanks for the great questions

Not sure about the why of Siberian camps. Although Siberia is huge and not all is as cold as Northern Siberia ( I have some Inuit Siberian art at home). My guess is that there was a lot of work there t support the Vladivostok railways etc to support the new Soviet territories .

ALSO The presentation said something about a 1949 Gulag crackdown and I actually went to the Moscow Gulag museum in Winter :cold_face: 2015 and according to the staff there an excuse to be thrown in there was easily found. So I am confident the War crime trials were less than perfect and more likely Aussie Jolly Jumper courts.

PS the Gulaggmuseum at was pretty good, not sure :thinking: if it is anymore. And Moscow was an awesome experience an working with the Russians was enjoyable. (People vs Politics)


PS the WW2TV historian lives in Normandy and has a lot of great stuff. E.g. the Korean Soldier and Steele hanging of the Tower near Utah Beach :beach_umbrella: most likely didn’thappen. All pretty long vids though.