Where does the soviet hordes trope come from?

I often read Wehraboo using the soviet horde excuse whe ntalking about the german failure at barbarossa but not about the origin of the myth (is it ennemy at the gate? german general memoir?)
thanks for your answer!

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for some example : https://old.reddit.com/r/ShitWehraboosSay/search?q=soviet+hordes&restrict_sr=on&include_over_18=on
The allie equivalent for me would be the sherman hordes per example

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It originally came from the Polish-Soviet war. communists had cavalry army of Budyonny (the meme himself) and they were sent from Ural mountain to Polish front. Because communists did not have even uniform (soldiers would wear whatever they would wear and would identify themselves by red stripes on parts of the clothing), command structure, and units would have anyone who joins. They resembled a horde as some writers would compare them to the Mongol invasion of Europe, in general, the red army resembled a rabble or a horde at the time in comparison to the White army that had uniforms of their regiments, epaulets, and serious command structure. So this rhetoric stuck.

Mass raping and pillaging also did not help the image.


I believe it comes from many sources. As there is some truth behind it.
Most memoirs I’ve read talk about the Soviet tactics and often they did come across as sloppy until closer to 1944.
However around the time of 1941/42 there are instances of Soviet officers throwing their men forward even though the situation wasn’t favorable to a counter attack. Also the fact that in many regions (I don’t mean specifically Barbarossa) that the Soviets did have a numerical superiority