When did the US end their lend-lease-transports to the USSR?

Helping the Soviets to withstand the German onslaugh after Germany’s declaration of war to America, the US expanded their lend-lease-programm (1941? 1942?) also to the USSR. But when was the last shipping sent to Mother Russia? Especially when tensions between the US & USSR startet to worsen in 1945. I read that FDR was relatively optimistic about the further relations between America and the Soviets. His successor, however, seemed not to share this optimism.

Even when the Soviets reached the outskirts of Berlin and it was clear that the war in Europa was almost over, did the US still send loads of goods to Murmansk or via Iran to the USSR?


Spoiler alert

Actually the Lend Lease went on for example the Soviet invasion in the Kuriles was done with American landing craft. Even beter the Americans and Soviets trained and BBQed together in the Aleutians.

This was training before an eventual invasion even at the point when the Soviets were not yet at war with Japan.

After all a working atomic bomb and whether Japan would surrender was still unknown.