Wheezers and Dodgers: The Inventions that Saved the Allies during the Second World War

This is just to spark the interest of those who love the unconventional way of dealing with a problem. I suggest that the Timeghost Crew should read The Secret War, 1939-45 by Gerald Pawle. He explains all of the crazy contraptions that the Department of Miscellaneous Weapons Development (DMWD) or Wheezers and Dodgers had to invent for the problems the Admiralty were encountering as early as Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. One Invention that helped combat the Sea Wolfs of Germany was a rocket harpoon that was attached to a Swordfish torpedo bomber and, when launched, completely penetrated the hull of the submarine in one shot. Wikipedia is not a good source of information to have an in-depth look into how the weapons of the DMWD was formed and the minds that formed these contraptions, but Wikipedia has a link to the book at the bottom. ( I think Spartacus would do a great job doing a 10-15 minute explaining each invention.) I hope that this tidbit of information would excite anyone to learn more about the Brains of the Second World War.
Your Informant,
Mr. Fahl


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