What would the influence be if yugoslavia did join the axis without a coup

What would the influence be if yugoslavia did join the axis without a coup?

I expect the result of the war will be postponed with a few months, but nothing major will change. Yugoslavia will probably split or go into a civil war due to their internal political situation.
What is your opinion in this?

Minder weergeven



Honestly, in my opinion, it would have been legitimately good for everyone involved. I know there is a lot of proud Serbian people on YouTube that happily type “Better Grave than a Slave” (which the Germans happily complied with) but let’s think of this objectively:

  • Nowhere in the Axis treaty (from what I recall) did it say that Yugoslavia would have to contribute troops to the war in Greece. Germans would’ve still entered Greece and overrun it. No Yugoslav casualties. Belgrade is not reduced to rubble.

  • In regards to Barbarossa, Yugoslavia would’ve taken the exact same approach as Bulgaria - no declaration of war with the Soviet Union.

Bonus: Bulgarian budget is spared millions from not having to police Vardar Macedonia and re-establishing road connections.

  • Mild communist resistance in Yugoslavia, nowhere near the level of destruction as the real-life war.

  • When 1944 comes around, Yugoslavia switches sides. Maybe there is an attempt to form a Croatian state at this time (there were also plans to create a Macedonian one) but they were unlikely to do much.

  • German army in Greece would be surrounded and will likely surrender fairly quickly. War in Europe likely cut down by a month.

  • 1 million less dead people in Yugoslavia.