What would have been the result if Germany had captured the BEF and French forces at Dunkirk?

I feel that Hitler’s decision to hold his forces back at Dunkirk was one of his greatest mistakes early in the war. If the BEF would have been captured, would Churchill have been removed and would England have probably sued for peace?

  1. Hitler did not give any orders to hold his forces in Dunkirk. 48 hour long temporary Halt Order to panzer divisions (24-26 May) came from German Army Group A HQ and transmitted down chain of command due to logistics breakdown of German corridor carved from Meuse river to English Channel and German theater commanders (who prematurely felt victory was won after reaching sea on 21st May) desire to get hold of panzer groups from local commanders whom they gave too much leeway for too long. Hitler just confirmed the order after it was transmitted , basicly confirming his generals could do whatever they wished. At that stage in last week of May 1940 , he and his generals were already planning o how to break remaining French defence front at Somme , capture Paris and invade rest of France. All of them prematurely assumed that cornered BEF was finished and bound to capitulate anyway

  2. No it would not change anything. Third Reich would still invade Soviet Union and it was te Soviet Union that defeated and destroyed at least %75 of German Army , not British or contrary to Hollywood Tom Hanks/John Wayne movies Americans


One result would have been that my Father would have been captured or maybe killed. So I’m glad they managed to get away

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