What were the rules around war trophies?

Hey Indie and the TimeGhost crew,
My Step-Grandfather died recently and while going through his belongings we were surprised to find a Japanese type 30 bayonet stuffed in his underwear drawer! This got me thinking, just how common were war trophies and what were the rules surrounding them?
Cheers, Roman


Hi Roman,
You would be surprised to learn that actually the allied forces, in particular USA, were relentless in scavenging treasures on all fronts, no rules what so ever, just grab what you can and get first pickings! Whereas German troops in the first few years of the war paid for anything they needed in the western European theatre. Ofcourse this changed as soon as they were engaged in total war with the whole world but in the early years most German troops were not that barbaric in the west. Alas in Poland it was the opposite.
Just follow Spartacus’ WAH and you’ll see what I mean…
Another matter is the gigantic robbery of treasure and art by the Nazi top, especially Goering!
Never forget