What were the German atrocities on allied soldiers during the invasion of France?

Hey gang, you’s are doing a great job. I just wanted to ask seeing as you went over the German and Russian atrocities that were committed on the Polish troops and civilians during the attack on Poland, what if any were committed by the Germans on British commonwealth and French troops during the invasion of France. Thanks!


I was able to find 2 massacres of Allied POWs perpetrated by the SS during the retreat to Dunkirk. One at Le Paradis & another at Wormhoudt. A total of 186 British & French servicemen were killed. 8 more managed to escape with their lives, but all were later recaptured by the regular Germany Army & send to POW camps after receiving medical treatment.


There are lots of massacre of french black troops during the Battle of France. German soldiers would go “black hunting” in the night to find the groups of french soldiers hiding in the woods and kill them (black soldiers and their officers). Not only by the SS, but by the regular army too.

There are examples of french officers forced to stand on german tanks to avoid them being fired at and force other french troops to surrender (I know at least one officer that was killed for not complying).

And of course the whole german plan was to target civilians to disrupt communication lines, create panics…


They were many atrocities against muslim colonial troops, such as the one from the “Totenkopf” Division against captured Moroccans, and another massacre at Chasselay against the Senegalese.


SS units committed war crimes and executed French Senegalese regiments after the surrender of France.