What was the Nazi's practical procedure to labeling someone Jewish?

The Nazi’s had a Mishling test to decide if someone was Jewish or not. They also had a German blood certificate that certified that you were of German blood. There was an Aryan Certificate. My question is what was the actual process for using these tests and getting these certificates?

The problems I see is that this is 1935. Not everyone is going to have a birth certificate. Not everyone is going to know who their parents were or their grand parents. Not to mention you could easily lie who they were.

How did they get documentation that you were Jewish? Not everyone in the Jewish community is going to go to temple. Even the ones that do may or may not be documented at the temple they go to. Not every temple is going to have accurate documentation on who their members are. So how did the Nazi’s deal with that?

From this question: How did the nazi’s know someone was jewish? they used census and population registries, but those aren’t always going to be correct.

Did the Nazi’s have a system for someone contesting their status of being Jewish? This is actually a very big deal because its going to affect a lot of people’s lives. Not to mention its actually pretty important for the Nazi’s to get it right because if they are wrong its going to seriously affect their workforce and the war effort. The Nazi’s killed six million. If they are off 10% that’s six hundred thousand. Ff they’re off 16% that’s a million people. It’s actually really important that they get this right because even 3% is 180k.

What about forgeries of the German Blood and Aryan Certificates? I would believe that forgeries did exist and were also big business.

Of course none of this makes any sense because being Jewish is all about faith. There’s really no way to actually determine how faithful one is to a particular god. You can worship 24/7 to a particular god all you want, but if you don’t believe in that god then you are not the religion that worships that god.

Another thing is if you were trying to do business with someone who was Jewish one way to get close to them would be to go to their place of worship or become friends with their friends. Which doesn’t make you Jewish its all about business and the things your trying to achieve.

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"Of course none of this makes any sense because being Jewish is all about faith. There’s really no way to actually determine how faithful "

That’s were you are wrong.

Being jewish is a matter of birth (your mother being jewish), not of faith.


My understanding is that Judasim is an ethnic religion. Which means you need worship the Jewish god set forth in the Hebrew bible or Tanakh.

Where’s the documentation that says its your mother that determines your religion? Is there a law that says your mother determines your religion? Has it been voted on by the United Nations and all nations follow that? I’m in the US and I’ve never heard of such a law. The mother thing seems to be more of a guideline the world has used to determine a persons religion but doesn’t have any backing by any institution.

I’m not a religious expert, but I do know enough about religion to know that if you don’t believe in the god you worship that god will not help you. You can worship that god all you want. You can do all the ceremonies, rituals and follow all the rules and worship that god 24/7. However, if you don’t believe in that god, then you are completely and utterly wasting your time because that god will not help you.

Not sure why you say it’s who your mother was decides your religion. It’s interesting that its the mother and not the father but it’s so stupid. Back in the day, women were not considered important. They had no rights. So why do women and not the father get to make the decision on what religion their child worships?

Of course the whole mother thing requires the knowledge of who the mother actually is. This is the 1930’s there isn’t any DNA testing. Records are sometimes scarce. It’s easy to lie about your age and get away with it. If one is determined Jewish then they are completely and utterly screwed. So there’s going to be people out there that are going to be lying, cheating, forging records and doing anything and everything they can think of to make sure they are not Jewish. No one is going to know who their mother is.

Not to mention you tell an infant that they are Jewish or any other religion for that matter it’s not going to know what the hell your talking about. There’s also been billions of kids who get dragged to church by their parents and all the do is raise hell and hate it. They are not that religion.

you should read here:

Though I must admit the the Nazi Mischling test didn’t require the mother. Any jewish grandparent counts. The Jewish religion is just a test in problematic cases.

You really dont get it.

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I’m sorry dude. I’m quite certain that your the one who doesn’t get it.

Anyone who says something like that clearly has no clue what they are talking about. The Jewish religion isn’t a test. It’s a faith. A faith that there is a god. That god created the universe and everything in it. He over see’s everything in the universe and everything in it. If you don’t believe in that god then that god will not help you.

Of course you also totally didn’t answer the original question.
The original question: What was the Nazi’s practical procedure to labeling someone Jewish?

So you can’t comprehend either.

I’m sorry, but it seems you didn’t bother to read the link AND don’t understand the meaning of a paragraph.

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