What was the German peoples' view on the invasion of neutral 'brethren germanic' countries like The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway?

We know Hitlers plan for Lebensraum, to create living space for all ‘brethren’ Germanic ‘races’. However I’m interested to know what the people of Germany thought when Hitler invaded these countries. Was the invasion of these countries seen as a necessary evil in order to defeat the (hated) enemies France and the UK. Or was it seen as something more positive, like the uniting of Germanic countries?

I’m sure there was difference of opinion between those indoctrinated by Goebbels/Nazism, and those who opposed to the Nazi’s in Germany. I’m interested to know the general opinion of both groups, or any other groups.


My granddad while in a POW camp was put to work for a German officer. The German actually asked him why the Netherlands was so stupid to invade Germany in 1940.

It took a while for my granddad who was in Ypenburg, The Hague that the Germans invaded not the Dutch. Later they became friends and my family sent packages to him after the war in Stuttgart. (My grandfather refused to work for the Germans but got food from him anyway).

So the German population swallowed up the fake news that they were attacked and not too many questioned this.