What was the effect of "Black Liberators" on the view of black people in Europe?


Some background:
My Grandmother and family before WW2 collected silver paper for the people in the Congo (she lived in Belgium) as charity. Now I know that the Congo was horribly exploited but the people who did this did wanted to help the “poor black people”. The view was that they had to be helped and were inferior. So there was an element of Racism here!

Also while a lot of black people lived in European colonies very few lived in Europe. In the case of e.g. the Netherlands it was because of the Triangulation. Ships bought slaves in Africa then sailed to Suriname/Antillies picking up spices and other products and then went to Africa again. After Slavery was abolished the process was repeated for contract laborers from the Dutch East Indies (well human trafficking is a much better word for this as these people had to pay the rest of their lives for the shipping). This meant that the Netherlands/Belgium hardly had black citizens like e.g. in the US.

I know of my grandparents and others that they saw the first real black people when they were liberated from the Arbeitseinsatz by Pattons forces in Erfurt. Possible the 761st Black Panthers. They were always very positive and surprised.

In general did the view of black people change after they helped liberate us?


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