What was the amount of aid given to the Soviet Union by it's alies Mongolia and Tannu Tuva?

What was the amount of aid given to the Soviet Union by it’s alies (client states) Mongolia and Tannu Tuva?


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Tannu Tuva transferred it’s entire gold reserve of ~20,000,000 to the Soviet Union, with additional extracted Tuvan gold worth around 10,000,000 rubles annually. Between June 1941 and October 1944 Tuva supplied the Soviet Red Army with 700,000 Livestock, of which almost 650,000 were donated. Almost every Tuvan family donated 10-100 animals (in Tuvan and Mongol families, the average number of livestock for personal use was about at least 130). In the spring of 1944 alone, 27,500 Tuvan cows were presented to the liberated Ukraine.

In addition, 50,000 war horses, 52,000 pairs of skis, 10,000 winter coats, 19,000 pairs of gloves, 16,000 boots and 67,000 tons of sheep wool as well as several hundreds tons of meats, grain, carts, sledges, horse tacks and other goods totaling 66,500,000 rubles. Up to 90% was donated.[6][7] In March 1943, 10 Yakovlev Yak-7 fighters were built with funds raised by Tuvans and placed at the disposal of the Soviet Air Forces.[8]

In March 1943 Tuva mustered volunteer tankers, 11 people joined the Red Army in May 1943 as part of the 25th separate tank regiment of the 52nd Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front.[9][10]

Tuva also mustered a volunteer squadron of 208 people in September 1943 to serve in the Soviet cavalry. On November 8, 177 of these were transferred to the 31st Guards Cavalry Regiment of the 8th Guards Cavalry Division and sent to Ukraine in December 1943, where they fought in during 1944. Of the volunteers, 165 men returned home and 17 were awarded the Order of Glory for courage.[11][7]

Not much is written about Tannu Tuva in the war against Japan, probably because it was annexed into the soviet union itself.


In the war against Germany, in addition to keeping around 10% of the population under arms, Mongolia provided supplies and raw materials to the Soviet military, and financed several units, for example the “Revolutionary Mongolia” Tank Brigade and “Mongolian Arat” Squadron and half a million military horses.[8] Also, more than 300 Mongolian volunteer military personnel fought in the Eastern front.

In the war against Japan, Mongolian troops took part in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria in August 1945, although as a small part in Soviet-led operations against Japanese forces and their Manchu and Inner Mongolian allies. During the 1945 campaign, the Mongolian troops were attached to the Soviet–Mongolian Cavalry Mechanized Group under Colonel General I. A. Pliev.[9] The Mongolian units were the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Mongolian Cavalry Divisions, the 7th Motorized Armored Brigade, the 3rd tank special regiment and the 3rd Artillery Regiment and also Mongolian aviation mixed division .[10] On 10 August 1945, over twenty-four hours after the first Mongolian troops in the company of their Soviet allies had crossed the border into Japanese-occupied China, the Little Khural, the Mongolian parliament, issued a formal declaration of war against Japan.

Looking by the stats, it looks Tannu Tuva helped the Soviet Union more than the Mongolians.