What was Kurdish role during WW2?

I love your content thanks a lot for the time and effort that you guys are putting in to create amazing videos, my question is: what was the role of Kurdish people and leaders during WW2?


Great question. Kurds fought in many Allied regiments, and they also fought against the pro-Nazi regime of Rasheed Ali Al-Gaylani in Iraq. The Barzani Revolt was also a major event in Kurdish History during WW2, but it’s role in the greater War Effort needs further discussion and study.

Many Kurds fought in British and Soviet units and a few fought in American units. After the Barzani Revolt, some Kurds moved to Soviet areas and assisted the Soviets.


Do you mean Kurds of turkey, all Kurds or Kurds of another country?


All Kurds, as recently Trump said that the Kurds did not help us during WW2 that is why I asked that question.

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Maybe gibberish, but:

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Thanks a lot for answering my question, hoping that it will be included during one of the out of the foxholes episodes