What role did treasure play in WW2 and the aftermath? In Japan, US soldiers found gold bars, but were there any other times where treasure was ever recovered?

Treasure was heavily looted in occupied countries. Some has not been recovered, and many stories circulated about WW2 treasure such as Yamashita’s treasure in the Philippines and the Awa Maru treasure. The best evidence regarding Yamashita’s treasure is the Roxas lawsuit against the Marcos government where he claimed to have found a lot of gold and it was confiscated by Marcos’s henchmen. He won the lawsuit in Hawaii, but Marcos was forced to pay $3 million for human rights abuse to the Roxas family. As far as the Awa Maru treasure, the Queenfish sunk the ship, and aboard it was tin. Taiwan spent millions on a recovery mission, but found no treasure. Rumors spread that the treasure was offloaded and buried in Thailand. There are more stories about other treasure looted by the Germans and Japanese. What are some of the full factual stories regarding some of these legends?