What role did the Axis Powers, not only Germany, have in Latin America? And how did this play into Operation Bolívar?

So Operation Bolívar was Germany’s plans to establish stations in South America and sabotage Allied efforts in Latin America. Overall, the Germans were successful in establishing a secret radio communications network from their control station in Argentina. However, Argentine authorities arrested most of the German agents operating in their country in mid-1944, ending all effective Bolívar activity. Furthermore, the information collected during the operation is believed to have been more useful to the Allied Powers. The Germans had also failed to sabotage the Panama Canal and Chilean copper mines. So this is some of what Germany did, was there anything else the Germans did? Was there anything that Italy or Japan did in Latin America during the war?


Astrid hosted a very nice special on spying in Brasil… When you consider the amount of Nazi’s getting refuge in Argentina… ah well, you figure out the dots and dashes :wink: