What may have been the reason of Stalin constant ignorance towards his army staff though his history?

From what I learned of the time ghost series Stalin is constantly ignoring the fact / intelligence provided for him. This includes info from the allies and his own staff I have come to understand. What is the reason for that? Will it get better ?


Others can answer this better than me but here is a quick and dirty rundown

In a nutshell Stalin is a paranoid man and does not trust anybody. As far as his intelligence services goes he rarely believes what his intelligence services tell him again due to his paranoia.

Add to that if he didn’t trust you or lost confidence in you he would have you removed and it would be very possible he would have you shot, sent to the Gulags or just made to disappear. He would continue to do this right up to his death in the 1950s.

There is a lot more on this subject but this is a quick and dirty account.


thx for the quick facts i hope to get deeper into this question and try to see if there may have been a more direct reason for this type of paranoia. His childhood and growing u in Georgia, how his parents treated him and how the man grew in the communist party in Russia.

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I think it should be pointed out how easy it was to feed this paranoia- look at how other countries fought the war and had so much internal battles on how things should be fought. Both the UK and France had major disagreements within their military leadership (keeping to the 1942 timeline so far- the USA has some, and there was plenty between the UK and the USA as the war progressed). So it’s natural to see the same in the USSR.

Which means that if you had the ear of Stalin, you could take advantage of that and get rid of the people you did not want in power.

Not that it answers where the original paranoia came from- just that the pattern of distrust between the higher leadership was not unique to the USSR.


A good way of think about it

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