What is your favorite podcast?

I like RSS/Podcasts. One of those I like is Dan Carlin and AeroSociety. Any other tips are much appreciated!

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a few history podcast I recommend

  • Revolutions. a multi season series on revolutions that has just arrived at the beginning of the Russian revolution. I recommend you start at the French revolution as that season where he really starts to dive deep.
  • The History of Witchcraft. as the name says a history of witchcraft. extremely interesting but also extremely terrifying at times.
  • Pax Britannica. a history of the British empire starting from James the 2nd to the modern day, done by the same guy from the history of witchcraft.
  • The History of China. a long running podcast about Chinese history which at the time of writing stand at 299 episodes and is almost the Ming dynasty. also has a semi Patreon exclusive series on the mongols.