What is up with rewards?


I have been eagerly following all the content associated with the Time Ghost campaign and hope for more of what has been seen. This said I am curious as to the state of the rewards promised during the original Kickstarter campaign, specifically the badges. The only updates I have seen on this was over six months ago on the Kickstarter (that now appears to have taken a back seat to the forums) stating that the badges were near completion and would ship soon. Have the badges already shipped out? Are they delayed and I just missed something that has already addressed the matter?

A great thanks to everyone involved and please keep up the great work,


Thank you. We’re way behind on that front, every effort we could bring up went into getting us to the WW2 launch, but we will catch up as soon as we can. We posted an update on this on August 31, where you can hear more details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-ox1n9Fl0Q

Thanks for staying patient with us - we’re trying our best.


Because I know that you’re doing all you can with the limited resources available right now, I’ve refrained from asking myself. Thanks for your efforts, Spartacus.