What is the difference between the membership from the Site and from patreon?

Will I miss anything if I take one over another? I am thinking of taking the $4.5 one.

Also what will be the billing cycle if I take membership from the site? It will be in every 17th or 1st of every month?

The site works on a month to month based on when you sign up so the 17th would be the 17th again and so on.

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I’m still trying to find a membership to this site that doesn’t involve Patreon. Every link I’ve seen on the page here just forwards me to a Patreon subscription page. What memberships page are you looking at? I’m desperate to support TimeGhost without giving a penny to Patreon.

Hey @drschplatt, If you go to Join Now - and select one of the tiers (Say the TGA&WW2 Combo for $4.50 per Month) at https://timeghost.tv/subscribe/tg-army-pfc-ww2-combo/, you have to fill in all the billing info, thus buying a subscription directly from our website and cutting out Patreon.

Hope that clears it!


Thanks for that. The link a the top of the page that says, “Join The Time Ghost Army” is a bit confusing because it takes you directly to Patreon and “sign up” to me seemed like something I’d already done to sign up for the forum. Maybe the join The Time Ghost Army link at the top of the page could give people both options for setting up a payment subscription to make things a little more clear.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll discuss it!

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