What happened to units that took significant damage in manpower and/or equipment?

In the regular episodes, for the Germans, there are mentions of units at or below 50% nominal combat strength used in the field while other such units were assigned to static defense duties such as The Atlantic Wall. Are other similarly damaged units replenished with recruits, or are multiple damaged units combined? Did this differ from nation to nation, and/or as the war progressed?


I believe they were folded into other units or remained under strength until they could have some level of reinforcements or were decimated


I also wondered about this, as in some episodes, Indy spoke of how in operation panzerfaust German divisions that were behind the line and still able to be reinforced, each only had about 4000 men, which is closer to a single US regiment from that period.


The 6th Army or Armies springs to mind. Just reuse the number I guess!

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