What happened to monuments in territories occupied by the Germans?

Hi Indy and team, i have a question.

What happened to historical, religious or political monuments in the territories occupied by the Germans?

It was planned to destroy Paris, but later the city was spared. Members of the SS division “Totenkopf” destroyed crosses and Christ statues in churches on their way through France. What happened to statues of Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union? What happened to statues of kings or national heroes in Poland? Have they all been torn down and destroyed?

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Hi HerrKollega,

Some were destroyed, such as this American one. Notable even before the USA entered the war. The left most WW1 memorials and cemetaries alone. Not sure why but I think the National Socialist did have some basic respect voor war graves in the West (not to mention the political effect it would have):



Thanks for your answer and the interesting link. By chance I just saw this picture on Facebook. Finnish soldiers spent their time here with a photo shoot. It was recorded in front of an agricultural school on October 1, 1941 in Pietrozavodsk, Karelia.