What happened to injured German solders?

Hi Indy and crew, keep up the great work, I love watching every show.
My question is what happened to injured German solders, those from the first world war and the those from the second world war. I know at the time the Nazi ideology had included the “removal” of disabled people from Germany (and occupied nations) but what about those who lost limbs, or suffered from mental or other physical trauma from fighting on behalf of Germany? Where they included in the Nazi plans?


so I will admit I dont know much about the injured in regards to the nazi ideoligies, i do know ww1 service did not guaruntee safety from the nazi ideologies as some people at the time thought it might. I have read a few documented cases where jewish ww1 veterans believed they would be safe from the nazi persecution due to their service but the SS still came for them, im also pretty sure i did read once that some ww1 wounded were treated like the others within the nazi plans but it was, like quite a few nazi plans, partially done and hit or miss as to how it was done