What happend to Greenland after Germany's invasion of Denmark?


Expanding on the question: Was it ever considered by either the Allies or the Axis to use its geographical location for further use after Germany invaded Denmark (since Greenland is part of the Danish Kingdom)?


I started a thread a while back about Greenland & Iceland in the war. Here’s an excerpt from that:
“Although home rule wasn’t a thing until 1979, Greenland had de facto independence because the sheriffs activated an emergency clause giving them temporary self-rule while Denmark was occupied. Fearing an Allied invasion from Canada that might end with Greenland being handed over to the Norwegians(they tried to claim part of Greenland in the early 1930s), the USA was asked to protect the island from outside threats. At first it was US Coast Guard patrols, but on April 9th, 1941 the Greenlandic government agreed to let American troops occupy the island.”

After Pearl Harbor, it served a transport hub for the Allies. Germany secretly built weather stations on Greenland’s east coast, but all were discovered & destroyed by American & Greenlandic forces. When the war ended, it was hand back to Denmark, but the USA did try to buy it from them.


Thank you very much. I didn’t knew about the … difficult history between Denmark and Norway with regards to Greenland.

I assume your thread ist still out there, might as well take a look deeper into that!