What did the Royal Netherlands Navy do during the war?

At the outbreak of the war the Netherlands was still a world spanning colonial empire, by consequence it had reasonable navy. In Europe, Dutch West Indies and (if I’m not mistaken) in the Caribbean. What was it’s status after the Netherlands have fallen?


Drachinfel did an entire episode on the Free Navies: the Dutch, Polish, French, Greek etc. All affiliated with the Royal Navy, reporting to their Governments-in-Exile and under Royal Navy operational command.


At this time, March 8, 1942, the Dutch Navy, alongside the British, Australian and U.S. fleets, is still making a valiant stand against the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies (though they’re failing atm). Another thing I learned when researching the Pacific War was how the Dutch Navy got sidelined during discussions of activities of Allied fleets – it’s really worth looking into if you’re interested.