What did the pilots of the koolhoven FK58 thought of the plane?

Hello, today I read the french book " Encyclopédie des avions de chasse français" by Christian-jacques Ehrengardt and it doesn’t seem the koolhoven FK 58 was a really good plane. It make wonder what the pilots from the 2 patrols who operated them thought of those planes.
Thanks for your answers!

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Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on some of this

As there were only about 20 that were combat ready by the time war broke out there wasn’t much time to properly gauge the planes abilities and flew relatively few combat missions. I believe it was less than 60 combat missions.

While as it was a modern single engine fighter it was only flown a few times in testing by French or polish pilots(can’t remember which) and noticed that it flew about 100km slower than advertised and was difficult to control in tight manoeuvres but it had promise.

Unfortunately as prototypes were built in 1937 or 38 and the plane went into production shortly before Poland was invaded it never really had a chance to prove itself. Who knows what could of happened if it had been properly fleshed out.

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The book talked about 120 km/h slower than advertised

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