Were There Any OKW/OKH Strategic Plans Beyond Stalingrad & The Caucuses, Besides Driving for Baku and Astrakhan

Did OKW/OKH have any strategic plans once Stalingrad was taken, besides protecting the northern flank of the Wehrmacht as they took the Caucuses and moved on Astrakhan and Baku? For example, driving up the east bank of the Volga towards Moscow?


Yes, many in facts. And kind of ever changing as well.

The diaries of Halder are of interest to this question. https://cgsc.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p4013coll8/search/searchterm/War%20journal%20of%20Franz%20Halder/field/title/mode/all/conn/and

Of course, Halder did get sacked because he kept making blunders that are quite puzzling. Like not sending reinforcements to the Stalingrad front and not letting Hitler know that his commanders were telling him they could not take the city without more support.

I do not have any sources on how his replacement viewed the post Stalingrad strategy however.