Were there any allied war crimes that were not recorded or were covered?

I had a question for out of the foxholes. It is well known that the Germans, Japanese, and Soviets committed war crimes of unprecedented levels on the nations they subjugated. However, I was wondering to what extent, if any, would Allied War Crimes be covered. I know that many people, especially in the US, with the greatest generation myth, like to ignore war crimes, downplay the events, or just plain lie about them. But I feel like events, such as the mass rape in England, the execution of axis pows, like the Biscari Massacre, Lippach Massacre, and the after events of the Malmedy Massacre, which were ordered by General Raymond Hufft, should be covered and exposed. I would also hope that Soviet war crimes against axis civilians will be talked about, as it is well known by anecdotal evidence, that millions of women were raped by soviet soldiers during the invasion into Germany at the end of the war. So I guess my full question is, will such things be talked about, at least on the War Against Humanity?

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As for the TimeGhost folks, I cannot say.

I have been trying to mention anybody’s evil deeds in the ‘supplementary’ stuff I post to the Timeghost WW2 reddit page.

Certainly every nation carried out war crimes (the Japanese ordered the killing of crews of ships sunk by their submarines - an order widely ignored; the US did the same - again, widely ignored.). The entry for the Battle of the Bismark Sea includes machine-gunning ships’ crews and passengers in the water by US airplanes in ‘revenge’ for the ‘war crime’ of the Japanese shooting air crew while drifting down on parachutes after bailing out with a war crime of their own.

The Japanese beheaded prisoners (and occasionally ate them). The New Zealanders killed 75 Japanese in a prison camp. The Russians and Germans took each other prisoner… sometimes. The Germans murdered Canadians in France. There’s lots of things to point at.

But when it comes to causing mass death, the Japanese in China and the Germans in… well, everywhere are clearly the most industrious in killing their fellow man.

By the way, I can find no documentation for “mass rape in England” except a two-sentence description in “Handbook on Sexual Violence” - pg. 41 - which says that “American GIs in Europe raped around 14,000 civilian women in England, France, and Germany between June 1944 and the end of the war,” and that 3,500 happened in France. There are other papers that say the same, but they footnote to HSV page 41.

The problems with the assertion are that #1 the numbers are for England and Germany are unspecified, #2 it is curious to pick June 1944 as the “start date”, since before that, US troops were all in England alone, and after that passed through to the Continent pretty quickly, and #3 the number of “punishment” rapes of German women are well known - but in the reference I found, unquantized.

Can you give me a better reference for that “mass rape in England”, please?



I imagine records will be hard to come by for warcrimes that were “Not recorded”

Can you clarify what you meant by this?

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