Were the soldiers who suffered from shell shock from WW1 sent to concentration camps?

Shell shock in WW1 left a soldier with physical deformities such as railway spine. So did the nazis send these men to the gas chambers or were they used as a propaganda tool for recruiting new members into the Wehrmacht ? (I don’t know whether shell shock is permanent or not).


Good question! Although I don’t know for sure the precise answer to this, it is obvious and common knowledge that the Nazi’s killed many children and adults with all sorts of inabilaties like mental diseases or afflictions because they thought they needed to ‘purify the master race’.


I also find the question interesting. I found a statement on German Wikipedia.

“After a law of July 3, 1934, during the Nazi era, mental illnesses were no longer recognized as a result of war trauma, between 4,000 and 5,000 mentally ill veterans of the First World War were finally killed as part of the Nazi medical murders.”

That shocked me. It would also be interesting to know whether veterans with awards such as the Iron Cross were excluded or treated equally.


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No offense to Indy and team…it’s just it’s the 1940s and all the politicians are awful, only some are WAY more awful than others!


I found a link stating that a jewish soldier with an iron cross was murdered in auschwitz.
I don’t know whether germans soldiers with an iron cross were killed too.


All were awful in the 1940s?

Some still had common sense. Unfortunately, Roosevelt ain’t among them.


I remember a scene from the movie “The taste of sunshine” with Ralph Fiennes from 1999.


There new regulations for Jews were published on the radio. Exceptions were Jews and their wives who were awarded veterans of the First World War or winners of a medal at the Olympic Games. I would have been interested in whether such a regulation also applied to non-Jewish normal Germans. They had shown their bravery on the battlefield and then should be killed for the consequences of the war? Sadly, Jews were already killed simply because they belonged to a certain religion.