Were any overtures made to Turkey with regards to getting them to join the Axis?

Hey guys, I’ve been a really big fan/patreon of all of your content (especially B2W & The Cuban Missile Crisis series) and I was just wondering did Hitler make any real attempts to get Turkey on side during the second world war?

Due to the strategic importance of Turkey given it’s proximity to the Caucasus oil fields,I would have thought it would be one of the most valuable allies Germany could make in the lead up to Barbarossa, especially given how vital these oil reserves would be to Germany’s ability to make war, but I don’t think I’ve heard Turkey mentioned much when learning about the war, not in this context at least. Did Hitler try at all to sway Turkey to the axis in order to secure an easier invasion route to the Caucasus that didn’t involve going all the way across european Russia and the associated logistical challenges?

Thanks heaps guys!

PS. It must be a daunting task to share presentation duties with Indy, but Spartacus has been absolutely killing it, I would love to see more from Sparty.


Yes, many, but the problem was Italy. We have a video about it in the WW2 Week-by-Week documentary, but I can’t find it exactly.